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Why You Need a Chinese Website Design for Your Retail Business?

Why You Need a Chinese Website Design for Your Retail Business?


If your business involves selling smart phones and tablets then you understand how tight the competition is, even in the United States. When it comes to the foreign market, especially in Asia, it becomes even more throat-cut because of the numerous companies already ahead of the game.


One technique is to have a Chinese website design that can instantly connect your business with the majority of the Asian market. Remember that China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia all have numerous Chinese speakers.


Reason #1 – Covering the Technical Details

It is important to note that the technical details can be difficult to comprehend in English, even for English-speaking nations. For example: the differences of British English from American English are all it takes for one site to measure a phone’s screen in meters instead of inches.


The technical differences grow ten-fold from English to Chinese. Instead of forcing your Chinese consumers to comprehend the English terminologies it is much better to use their own.


One of the most basic laws of commerce is to never give your customers a hard time. They shouldn’t have to do anything. Always make it easier and more convenient for your consumers, especially if they speak a different language.


Reason #2 – Crossing Language and Cultural Barriers

In America you would say “five-finger discount” to talk about stealing or “something fishy” to mention something is amiss but if you literally translated those in Chinese the meaning would be lost. Instead, they need to be transliterated into a similar saying or idiom that is relevant to Chinese speakers.


By getting your business website translated into Chinese you can cross these cultural and language barriers. Now your consumers will better understand the product details and the promotional ads you are using since the phrases and choice of words are more relevant to them.


Reason #3 – Massive Chinese Market

In 2013, China sold over 700 million active users of smart phones and this number is only going to increase. 41% of the total smart phone sales in the last quarter of 2013 were for first-time smart phone buyers. Estimates show that these total sales will increase by another 30% in the next few years.


China is one of the most lucrative markets for gadgets, particularly D-SLR cameras, smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, and other consumer products. Unless your website has a Chinese translation or a Chinese portal then you are instantly missing out all these potential consumers.


Now you just need a Chinese website to reach out and establish your company’s brand over there. For details of our Chinese website solution such as English to Chinese website translation, Chinese website design, and Chinese SEO and eMarketing, please contact us.




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