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As China is the country with most internet users (642 million in 2014) in the world, it represents nearly 22% of total. The internet penetration rate in China reached 46.9% according to CNNIC. Moreover, there are over 1.35 billion Chinese speakers all over the world and not all of them are in China. There are primary Chinese speakers in Thailand, Singapore, and even in the United States. Hence, it is vital to have your Chinese web presence if you could not miss out on billions of valuable customers. This is where English to Chinese website translation options come in handy.


This blog is a resources of Chinese website solution and China business. It’s aim is to provide a knowledgebase in Chinese web solution to global businesses and exporters.  It covers various topics related to China business resources and Chinese website solution such as Chinese web design & translation, Chinese SEO & eMarketing, Chinese eCommerce, etc.


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