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Monetizing Content English to Chinese Website Translation

Monetizing Content English to Chinese Website Translation


English to Chinese Website Translation isn’t just for the benefit of reaching to Chinese consumers – it opens the doors to additional monetization opportunities. With a new Chinese version of your site you are now capable of even more ways of using the site’s content to make a profit.

That’s right – just by having your website in a completely different language, especially Chinese, you’ll be able to make an extra amount of cash. If you don’t know where to start then why not take a moment to consider the following options:


Additional Click-Ads in Chinese

Hosting ads on your website is one of the easiest ways to gain additional money. Every time a user clicks on those banners, the company that uses those ads will pay you a certain amount. The average charge per click is between $0.90 and $1.40.

Believe it or not but in a single month, these click ads can generate even more profit than organic search results. In 2013, it was revealed by a Google study that over 64% of people click on paid ads. This is because paid ads are quite specific and relate to user behavior.

Now that your website will be in Chinese, this means you can now host ads in Chinese as well. Chinese businesses can now pay you for every click on their ads placed around your website. Not only will you be earning from English PPC ads but also from Chinese PPC ads!


Chinese-Specific Products

If you own a retail site selling clothes then it is very likely you will want to focus on the stuff you export to your Chinese consumers. This is because you have stronger control over the prices since it is a specific niche that gives you an advantage over local competitors.

However, with a translated Chinese website you can now include an option for Chinese products to be sold too. Look at Amazon: they earn millions with the first-party products they sell but they also allow third party sellers to post products and earn as well – a certain percentage of each sale goes to Amazon.

You could do it the way Amazon does or you could simply just purchase from a Chinese wholesale provider and sell the Chinese products as a first-hand provider.


B2B Opportunities are Everywhere

With a Chinese website you’ll instantly be able to forge relations with other businesses from and around China. Got a blog for your website and business? Allow local Chinese companies to guest post or feature their business somewhere in there. This will introduce you to their customers and it’s entirely for free.

This is good for building your reputation in China, allowing you to break into your target market, and it allows you to freely interact with your potential leads as you use guest blogs and press releases to build a steady China-based email list.




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