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English to Chinese Website Translation Benefits for eCommerce Businesses

English to Chinese Website Translation Benefits for eCommerce Businesses


As of 2015 roughly 18% of the world population speaks English. Around 400 million people use English as their primary language and around 800 million people worldwide use it a secondary language. Want to know the only language that has more speakers in the whole world? The answer is Chinese.


Benefit #1: Billions of Potential Customers

This refers to standard Chinese which is Mandarin. There are many other dialects related to Chinese but standard Chinese is the official language used by billions and even in the United Nations. As of 2015 the total number of Chinese speakers worldwide adds up to 1.35 Billion people.


If you’re running an ecommerce business then that’s 1.35 billion people that you could be catering to.


That’s a lot of people your online business could be catering to but the only problem is that you can never be sure all of those billions of Chinese-speaking consumers also speak English. This is where English to Chinese website translation options come in handy.


Benefit #2: It’s an Affordable Gateway

All it takes is a small link at the landing page that tells them they can reload the page and have it automatically read in Chinese characters. Facebook has the language option, so does Amazon, and other known business sites and social media.


Why create a separate “US-English” website and a “Chinese” website when you can have one that adapts to its users’ preference?


Yes, you will be paying experts to carefully translate every bit of text in your website and it may take some time but it is several times cheaper than re-doing the entire website to cater to a new market. The money saved can be used for marketing purposes and exporting products overseas.


Benefit #3 – Translation Eases Your Product into a Foreign Market

One of the first steps in exporting and foreign ecommerce transactions is to make your company/product seamlessly blend into the customers’ culture. You don’t want them to adapt to a foreign system – adapt your system to the Chinese culture so that it hooks them in.


Getting your online business to work with a foreign market requires you to make the website accessible and convenient. You never want to make the consumer work just to look at what’s for sale or learn how to make a purchase.


English to Chinese website translation makes this process so much easier and quicker.


Hiring the Experts

The benefits can generate millions if not billions of leads. Now the people who cannot access an English online business will be able to because they can understand the content being given to them since it is now in their native language.


Never try to do the translation job yourself – hire the Chinese web solution experts who have mastered the language, understand its cultural peculiarities, and who have experience with English to Chinese website translation to ensure your business website doesn’t lose anything in the transition.


For details of our Chinese web solution such as English to Chinese website translation, Chinese web design, and Chinese SEO and eMarketing, please contact us.



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