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Common Costs in English to Chinese Website Translation

Common Costs in English to Chinese Website Translation


If your business is already planning to translate your website from English to Chinese then you’re on a path to expanding to a wider audience. Of course this will allow your business to see even greater returns as you are introduced to a foreign market.


However, there are still costs to cover.


Translating an entire website isn’t as simple as translating a few sentences. Remember that standard Chinese (Mandarin) is a vastly different language from English, from the way it is written and read to the way it is displayed on a screen. Everything from page formatting to coding is altered.


To get a glimpse of how much you will invest, consider the following common costs:


Amount of Content Translation

This is the first thing you’ll need to cover. You need to provide all the files in the website that need translation. This includes every single of text, every downloadable PDF file, and more.


Never just let the translators visit the site and get it one by one. Doing that is a sure-fire way to miss a whole bunch of files. Instead, make it a point to provide all the material to the translating agency so that they have a clear view on how much work they need to process.


  • Cost = total count of translatable words  X  the cost per word


Translating Graphics

You’re not just going to translate text content; you also need to translate all of the graphical content like banner ads, infographics, and more. The best way to determine price is to separate content into different difficulty levels:


Level 1 refers to simple stills done in jpeg and png.

Level 2 are gif files that require frame by frame translation.

Level 3 refers to animated content.


If you have video content then those fall under this category too. In-depth video translation will include Chinese voice-overs or Chinese subtitles.


  • Cost = Level of difficulty X the rate per hour for graphical translation  X  output done per hour


Code Editing

Here’s where the money drops for most deals. You’ve translated every line of text, every photo, every video, and every downloadable file but presenting that in your website will require formatting changes and others.

The coding of the Chinese website will have to manually altered bit by bit to accommodate the adjustments so that the new translated content will be presentable in a fashionable manner. It also has to work for Chinese readers whether they are on a PC or on their phone so dynamic altering will be required.


  • Cost = hourly rate for web engineering  X  hours estimated to re-code the website to accommodate Chinese content

There are other things that will come into the costing process such as the costs for quality testing and project management. Translating and editing the database is also going to come into the equation at some time as well as the cost for translation tools.

Hence, the total cost of your English to Chinese website translation mainly depends on your amount of jobs and requirements. For details of our Chinese web solution such as English to Chinese website translation, Chinese web design, and Chinese SEO and eMarketing, please contact us.




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