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How Can an English to Chinese Website Translation Firm Help Your Business?

How Can an English to Chinese Website Translation Firm Help Your Business?


Your website might be at its pinnacle – traffic is constant, leads are turning into profitable conversions, your business is constantly making waves with social media, and you probably have a clear goal where you want to take your online business. However, you still might be missing something.


There are Billions of Potential Consumers

Is your website available in Chinese? Did you know there are over 1.3 Billion Chinese speakers all over the world and not all of them are in China? There are primary Chinese speakers in Thailand, Singapore, and even in the United States.


You could be missing out on millions of valuable consumers. If you’re thinking of expanding your business to foreign shores then China is arguably the best first place to go. Hollywood is doing it so why shouldn’t you?


Translating Everything

That’s where English to Chinese website translation firms come in. These are agencies that focus entirely on converting an English website into a Chinese website. Everything has to be converted – text content, images, downloadable files like PDF and excel files, and the lay-out of the whole site has to be altered to accommodate different characters and reading formats.


An agency can help you achieve this and more. They usually will go through your website and the native Chinese-speaking employees will manually comb through every detail to make changes, especially when there are phrases that cannot be literally translated due to cultural differences or the lost of the original phrase’s meaning.


Quick and Efficient Translation

A translation firm will have more than one worker. They’ll have an entire team to make sure everything is done right. It will take one or two people to perform translation process, another two people to manually check everything, and then a whole team to translate the images and files.


There’ll be a team dedicated to re-coding the website to alter its lay-out and presentation. Others will be there for quality assurance or to check for bugs in the coding. This ensures you get the job done quickly but efficiently.


Expansion to the Chinese Market

What does all of this amount to? How does it help you? By having a high-quality Chinese portal you’ll now be able to cater to the millions of Chinese consumers. But the main benefit goes beyond breaking language barriers: it opens the doors for foreign partnerships and exporting.


If you sell clothes online, then a Chinese portal will introduce your brand to the Chinese market. You can later start exporting and even open a branch in China because you would have already established your reputation with the other businesses and the consumers.


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