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4 Tips to Hire the Best English to Chinese Website Translation Firm

4 Tips to Hire the Best English to Chinese Website Translation Firm


One of the smartest moves to drive even more traffic and profit into your website is to open a Chinese portal. However, translating English to Chinese is not as simple as one would think. It is a very delicate process that can be costly when not conducted with care.


The best way to get it done is to hire English to Chinese website translation firms. There are literally dozens of them available but that also makes it difficult to determine which firms are good and which ones are bad. Some may even scam you just to rip off some quick and easy cash.


Consider these four tips to make sure you only get the best of the best:


Tip #1 – Native Chinese Speakers

This is perhaps the first and foremost important thing you have to consider. Hiring someone who has mastered Chinese is great but even then it won’t light a match compared to someone who is born and raised in China and can fluently speak the main dialect since he or she was a child.


This is not just for efficiency for the translation either – it will help in conquering culture barriers as well. There are many phrases which cannot be translated literally because they would lose their meaning. Hiring a native speaker ensures that these improper translations do not occur.


Tip #2 – Make Sure Their Own Website is Done Well

You’ll also want to make sure that their own website is translated well. You’ll most likely be able to understand the English website but bring in a small team of Chinese-speaking employees to check out their Chinese portal too.


If their own page is riddled with mistakes then you know they should be avoided like the plague. How can they prove to be an asset to you if their own website isn’t as good as it should be?


Tip #3 – Sales Copy Experiencing

If you’re website is meant to sell something then make sure that the people you hire have experience in writing sales copy. The firm you hire shouldn’t just focus on translating words but they need to alter the wordings and phrases to make a cultural impact to the readers in order to make a profit.


This is a business therefore the choice of words, font, sizes, and even page lay-out displaying the new Chinese characters have to be done in accordance to what will make the business sell.


Tip #4 – Quality Assurance

Ask if the firm you are hiring has an in-depth quality assurance process. They do they have two additional translators to double-check every line of code, every database entry, every graphic content, and every line of text for every page and downloadable PDF file? Or do they only have one and you just have to hope that he or she made absolutely no mistakes?


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