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Ten Chinese SEO Rules For Chinese Search Marketing

Ten Chinese SEO Rules For Chinese Search Marketing


Chinese SEO is one of the vital search marketing strategies to bring traffic to Chinese websites. However, SEO can be quite difficult, especially for a large website with a lot of content. There are ten SEO rules that must be followed if you really want to drive traffic in.


1) Write for a Real Human Being

There were many SEO experts writing web contents for search engine robots to get higher search results. No matter how good your internal and external Chinese SEO jobs are, if the content you write reads like it was made by a robot then nobody will care for it. Even you can get the traffic, the conversion will be poor.


2) Focus on One Thing for Your Site

If your website is about movie reviews then the content should be at least 80% movie reviews with only 20% dedicated to movie merchandising, movie news, and others. This allows search engines to better categorize your website.


3) Smart Use of Keywords

Do not stuff your articles and blog posts with keywords. You’ll make each post seem like it was written by a machine. Wisely integrate keywords in titles, sprinkle them amidst the page’s content, in the site title, taglines, meta tags, domain name and more.


4) Remove Objects Slowing Down the Site

Flash content, large images, media players, and the like are pretty to look at but they make a page take forever to load. Modern SEO standards dictate that a simpler, cleaner website is more favorable.


5) Use Proper Permalinks

It is common to set up a Chinese website using CMS. However, the dynamic URL will be a problem. For example, the dynamic URL ( is ugly to look at and hard to remember. It will also cause duplicate content issue for SEO because CMS may generate different dynamic URLs for the same web page. Compare that to, it is easier for users to use and remember, it smartly integrates a keyword, and it invites search engine crawlers.


6) Get Your Site Indexed

Do not assume that search engines will automatically find your website and index its content. It’s vital to submit your site to Chinese search engines and get it indexed.


7) Build Inbound Links

You need to really spend some time asking other people to add links on their pages leading to your website. It’s a crucial part of SEO. The best way to achieve this is to guest blog.


8) Linking to Other Sites With Relevant Content

If your Chinese website sells fantasy books then have a few links to other sites that focus on fantasy video games and the like. It will let search engines know you are an authority on the subject and that you are a trusted website.


9) Keep Your Site Always Updated

Try to post new content for your website as often as possible. Let search engines know that your website is always active otherwise they’ll stop paying attention to it and so will online users.


10) Stick with Your Domain Name

Your URL’s age will play a big part in SEO so avoid changing it every few months.


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