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Common Mistakes in Hiring a Chinese SEO Firm

Common Mistakes in Hiring a Chinese SEO Firm


SEO is important for any and every online business. You need a system that will bring in traffic, generate leads, and then bring in sales to gain you profit. SEO firms are the agencies you hire to get this daunting task done.


For Chinese SEO, they are the companies that re-format your Chinese website, produce guest blogs, manage social media, study analytics, and more. They do everything possible to get your website ranking high on Chinese search engines, to get more visitors per day, and of course, to gain more sales.


However, a lot of these firms aren’t as good as they advertise. Want to avoid hiring a bad Chinese SEO agency and instead get the best in the business? If you do then avoid these common mistakes:


Hiring Firms that Specialize in Copywriting

Copywriting is a thing of the past. New algorithms and trend focus more on quality of content. This means writers cannot just stuff their posts and articles with keywords from top to bottom. Instead of writing for web crawlers, they need to be writing for people.


An article about gym exercises to promote a new training manual can’t shove unnatural phrases all over the place, from title to last sentence. Instead, that article has to be written naturally. The content needs to make sense and it shouldn’t focus on keyword-stuffing.


Hiring Firms that Buy Backlinks

You need backlinks to generate traffic and let search engines know your site is widely associated with others. However, buying backlinks is a bad idea because the backlinks are bunched with so many others that it becomes empty and irrelevant.


Every backlink needs to come from a relevant site – this ensures that you are catering to your consumers, giving them meaningful resources. Go against this and once again you can get penalized.


Hiring Firms with a “One Size Fits All” Package

What worked for one website will not necessarily work for you. Your target audiences are different, your niches are different, your content is different, and your marketing strategies are all different. You cannot just prepare a template and use that for every company requiring Chinese SEO services.


Hiring a firm that does this is a sure-fire way to failure. You’ll want an SEO firm that takes the time to study your business, study your Chinese website, study your target market, and study what strategies will work to conduct proper Chinese SEO services for you.


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